If you find yourself here by whatever random happenstance, I invite you to kick up those stinky feet of yours and enjoy a good, hearty read- on me. Perhaps you are wondering what all of this is about. And while it may sound like a place for rednecks to discuss their latest romp in the literal hay with their sister while simultaneously comparing the most proficient way to splash about some deer urine, things around here are not entirely about sex. And, dare I say, they’re even less about hunting. I suggest you just have a look for yourself, given you’re blessed enough to be literate.

You may have noticed during your time spent among other humanoids, specifically when talking or socializing, that most possess a type of mental filter that, when engaging in conversation, sifts out all of the imbalanced, irregular, inappropriate, or simply irrelevant information, allowing only that which is pertinent to a given thought or topic of discussion to exit one’s mouth (or, in this case, fingers). No such filter exists here. Here lies my brain and its usual processes, typed out rather than trapped inside a cloud of grey matter, reflecting on a variety of subjects from avian cannibalism to the functionality of nutsacks, what sandwich I’m feeling particularly amped up about that day, bodily functions, and sure, maybe even a line or two about havin’ a hootin’ and hollerin’ good ol’ time with Cousin Bubba, right after we done killt more wild hogs than Mammy’s got varicose veins…  We shall see. Do I wish to serve some grand purpose here? No, not really. I mean, obviously… So, I welcome thee to proceed with utmost amusement (and ut-least expectations of grandeur!) YEEHAW!!!