#Vicarious: Intro

Welcome to your strangest wonders, your greatest dreams, your worst nightmares, or just an amusing moment in which you witness another’s experience as they do the things you wouldn’t be caught dead doing…

When I first started out with this whole #vicarious thing, I had high hopes and even higher expectations of getting some pretty bizarre requests, but surprisingly have so far been asked to do some pretty mundane things. In fact, I was a bit astonished at how many of the ladies just wanted to know what it’s like to live a life free of pubes. All I can really say on that is that I’ve been shaving my curlies pretty much since the damn things sprouted, and it would actually be more of an “experience” for me to grow a bush and see what kinds of trouble it’d get me into. But since this is way more about y’all than it is about me, I will say that life as a woman sans pubes is freaking fantastic. It’s much more hygienic, IMO, when it comes to anything that makes you sweat or bleed, and there’s a lot less inconvenience when it comes to sexual interaction. Think, none of that annoying pulling, or sharing simultaneous carpet burn with your partner(s). Not to mention that they’d no doubt appreciate not being made to cough up hairballs or floss their teeth at such an inopportune time. But I want daring, people! I want to know what you’re too freaked out to do yourselves, or at least the weird shit you think about when you’re high. I hope that as I continue on this path, as I show my utmost dedication to this cause, that others will be inspired to grow the balls (proverbial or otherwise) to admit to all of those innermost desires, no holds barred- the ones that they don’t necessarily have the balls to actually go out and do themselves. And I must say here that, while I most definitely do encourage everyone to live out their dreams and desires, to let down their inhibitions enough to allow themselves all the good and fun they can handle, I realize that there truly are reasons that some may not be able to. Whether the limitation is mental, physical, or any one of the other multitudinous reasons, I lose zero respect or think of anyone as having less balls in most situations. This is, in fact, why I’m here, along with this nifty little blog. So I can experience these things for you and allow you to live through me, vicariously. Hence the name and all. Obviously this cannot exceed my own limitations, such as anything that would land me decapitated, in jail (well, preferably not), or in instances where I simply cannot tell others what it’s like to stick my penis in a light socket. You know, because I don’t have a penis. But I invite you to try me.

Currently in the works and being prepared for your reading pleasure are several of the other ideas that were presented to me in excess. These include having interracial sex (with the highest request, for whatever reason, being with black men.. fortunately for these readers I happen to be a white girl), taking a trip to a sex club, and eating strange foods, specifically exotic meats. Believe it or not, that last one has nothing to do with sex. And your ideas don’t need to be about sex, or meat, or really one categorical type. While it seems that people do have a lot of unfulfilled curiosity when it comes to things like meat and sex, there are really no requirements or prerequisites for what I will go out and do for you people, given you keep in mind those things I mentioned before. I don’t have a wiener and I don’t want to die. Other than that, I look forward to chocking up all sorts of new experiences in my own life, and allowing you all to live it through me. And I hope that I’ll entertain the shit out of you in the process. Stay tuned, bitches!

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