Have you seen my testicles?

I noticed something the other day whilst fellating a friend, and feel it prudent enough to address here, as I am curious to learn others’ take on the subject. I’m talking balls, people. Nuts. Gonads. Golunes. Bollocks. Huevos. Whatever you want to call them, My personal realization occurred when I happened to notice one singular teste in an odd pose, causing it to make itself known against my chin, and I thought to myself at that moment that I had never really even noticed this person’s testicles. Not only that, but I have had entire relationships with people without even knowing what their balls look like, let alone having a familiarity with the circumference and topography of them. Sure, anyone I’ve actually been around enough to see naked on a regular basis, I’ve seen and noticed the scroat and it’s details. Same goes for anyone who has actually made known any affinity for having their balls caressed, or licked, or squeezed like an orange, or whatever it was that gave me a reason to take notice. But as for casual, albeit regular, encounters with FWB and the like, spans of time have passed by without so much as a fuzzy nod to or from these fellows. How could this be? Is it just me? Have I neglected something major here? So I have begun to really pay attention to how the world around me relates to testicles, and I feel like when you really get down to the nitty gritty of things, these enpouched buddies rarely get the attention they deserve. Maybe they don’t actually deserve it, but that is why I am publicly addressing this, as I want to know just how the rest of the world feels about testicles, and just how prominent they are in one’s life. Aside from being known as the male kryptonite, able to reduce a man to tears when even slightly assaulted with foot or fist (or candlestick, whatever it may be), being the frequent subject of humorous euphemisms, and what I’m hoping would be well-known scientific applications (they are the true baby-makers), it seems they don’t get much further recognition. Now, I’m sure that there are whole fetish and BDSM sites dedicated to testicular titillation and/or torture, but I’m talking on the average. Do men have a deep, interpersonal relationship with their own testes, such as they do their peen? I don’t think I’ve ever met a man that doesn’t refer to his boomstick as “he,” as if this member is actually a separate, conscious entity. But I cannot recall hearing such personification of one’s testicles. And mostly, how is it that those with whom the nads have relations handle them? Do they handle them? Or have most of us been living in a sad world in which balls are unfairly overlooked? I have certainly begun to pay more attention to them, and really would like to see what they have to offer the world. I am doing my best to expand my own horizons and be a bit more open minded, for there was a time not so long ago that I saw them as more of an inconvenience in their role as brewers of the baby batter, without which I would have much less worry of acquiring fertilized eggs. But I am willing to see what other facets they possess, what secrets they hold, to stand back and behold the rich, creamy tapestries they paint, the stories they tell. I have the utmost confidence that they will surpass their reputation as mere sperm factories or sensitive little bitches and take their seat on the throne of glorious eroticism- not just under the cock, but beside it! (That is one odd visual.. but I speak metaphorically). I have gone from a woman who was only focused on the D, not even knowing (or caring) if a man had balls unless I testicleshappened to feel them slapping against my ass, to a woman whose eyes have been opened, both figuratively and literally, to the world of the testicle, plural. I eagerly await their gifts of knowledge and am ever grateful to begin taking from them not just sperm, but a new and profound awareness. I have embarked on a quest to get to know balls on a much deeper level. A personal and fundamental level that is, dare I say, Balls Deep…

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